Terms and Conditions
The following terms of use regulate the rights and obligations of customers and VIB in the scope of using Internet Banking service offered by Vietnam International Bank (VIB).
Article 1. Customers’ commitments
1.1. Customers must comply with the applicable law and regulations and fully and strictly follow the instructions on Internet Banking service provided by VIB as well as its security and safety.

1.2. Customers agree to provide all the information requested by VIB related to the service. Customers must ensure that all the information provided to VIB is accurate, legal, honest and updated. Customers are fully responsible under the law for the authenticity and legality of such information.

1.3. To ensure the access of the service, customers are provided by VIB with a username/password, in which:

1.3.1. Customers must change the password during the first access. The password should be changed periodically (decided by customers) or when required by the service. Password changes must comply with the regulations of VIB on passwords.

1.3.2. Customers are responsible for maintaining security and the user name and password issued by VIB to ensure that only customers have the rights to use the Internet Banking service and must use all measures necessary to avoid and prevent the use of the service by unauthorized people.

1.3.3. Customers should not save the password in any way that others can identify or disclose information on their username and password to any third party or choose a password easy to guess such as their date of birth or mobile number.

1.3.4. If customers suspect or discover that their username or password and any other identified factors are revealed or stolen, they must immediately change their password. In case customers can not change the password by themselves, they are required to immediately inform VIB through Customer Service 24/7 (+844) 62585858 or at any VIB’s branch or transaction office. VIB will suspend the service until further notice from customers.

1.4. Customers must not allow others to use the service on their behalf.

1.5. Customers should not leave the device unattended accidentally or intentionally while using the service. The device is interpreted as mobile phones and security tools to access the system. Customers are required to ensure that all service connections are finished before stopping using the device.

1.6. Customers should not access the service system with devices connected to unsafe telecommunication networks (such as wifi…) unless it is ensured that nobody can steal, duplicate or take over customers’ access rights.

1.7. Customers must ensure that the device used to access the Internet Banking service is not infected with malicious code including but not limited to viruses, worms, Trojan horses or that the device is equipped with proper protection programs.

1.8. Customers must immediately inform VIB on any changes related to e-mail addresses, or phone number. VIB will continue to provide service via last registered e-mail address, phone number unless otherwise informed by customers. VIB is exempt from all liabilities for all damages and losses (if incurred) of customers if the email addresses or phone number registered are blocked, terminated, faulty or unavailable or if for any other reasons that customers can not receive the service from VIB.

1.9. Customers’ responsibilities on unauthorized transactions:

Customers must be wholly and fully responsible for all the losses caused by unauthorized transactions which have been made with their username and password. Customers can not revoke, refuse, change, or decline for any reasons in the following cases:

1.9.1. Customers fail to comply with the regulations on username and password specified from the article 1.3.1 to 1.3.4.

1.9.2. Customers neglect or fail to comply with the regulations on transaction process stated from the article 1.3 to 1.6.

1.9.3. Transactions are not allowed before customers notify VIB as in the Article 1.3.4.
Article 2. The bank’s commitments
2.1. While the bank pledges to make the service available to customers, customers need to accept that the service can not be available at any time and anywhere due to upgrading system, overloading system and other force majeure reasons.

2.2. As a service manager, the bank has the following rights at anytime, anywhere:

2.2.1. Changing the system and the process or

2.2.2. Adding, changing, suspending or terminating the existing features, or

2.2.3. Stopping providing the service.

2.3. The bank will attempt to notify customers about any changes needed as in the earliest period.

2.4. The bank will take actions to ensure that the system offering Internet Banking operates safely, securely and thoroughly. At the same time, it should be able to control risks and update related regulations and procedures.

2.5. VIB is exempt from all liabilities for damages and losses of customers incurred during the use of the service, unless such damages or losses are due to VIB’s subjective mistakes (mistakes occurred due to not complying with the article 2.4).

2.6. VIB is exempt from all liabilities for any damages and losses directly or indirectly to customers in the following cases which may include (but are not limited to):

2.6.1. Customer’s usernames and passwords are lost, stolen or revealed which result in frauds using the service and accessing information provided by Internet Banking service.

2.6.2. Customers allow others to access to their Internet Banking account to use the service and to approach information provided by the service.

2.6.3. The service providing process is interrupted, delayed, not available or due to any incidents beyond the control of VIB, including but not limited to the following cases: upgrading system, fault lines of telecommunication networks, interruptions caused by a third party ...

2.6.4. Any access to customers’ account information gained somehow by a third party (except when the third party gains that right by the negligence or carelessness of VIB).

2.6.5. Any act of force majeure including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes, directives / decisions by State agencies, the Government or other competent agencies...

2.6.6. VIB has the rights to unilaterally terminate or suspend the service and VIB’s decisions on extending the prior notice period or not giving notice to customers are specified in the article 3.3 below.

2.7. VIB is not bound in the cancellation of the instructions that customers have successfully implemented. However, if customers request cancellation of instructions right after they have been made, VIB, in its power, will try to implement within the rules and regulations of the banking system. Customers shall irrevocably guarantee that they will bear any responsibility for the costs incurred in that case.

2.8. VIB has the rights to refuse to execute customers’ instructions or to require customers’ certification in some certain instructions. If VIB suspects that an instruction is not given by the real customers, VIB has the full rights to cancel the instructions and is exempt from all liabilities for any losses in this case after its attempt to check the authenticity.

2.9. VIB has the rights to refuse to act on payment instructions by customers if the transaction exceeds the limit, the account balance is insufficient, the account is closed or invalid.
Article 3. Termination of service
3.1. Customers have the rights to unilaterally terminate the service at any time by sending the request (or in any other way in accordance with each period of VIB for Internet Banking). VIB will terminate the service immediately after receiving the request for termination by customers or any other forms complying with each period.

3.2. VIB has the rights to unilaterally terminate or suspend the service provided to customers in the following cases, but not limited to:

- VIB suspects fraud from customers;

- VIB believes that customers’ service use can cause damage to the customers or the bank.

- VIB is confident that the service’s safety and security are not followed properly by customers;

- Customers enter the wrong username / password 05 times;

- VIB complies with the regulations of the applicable law;

- Other cases prescribed by VIB.

3.3. VIB’s unilateral termination or suspension of the service will be notified as soon as possible to customers. However, for any other legitimate reasons according to VIB,(such as security issues …), VIB can decide to expand time prior to the notice or not to give notice to customers.

3.4. In the case that the termination of the service being used by customers for any reason does not affect the instructions made by customers before.
Article 4. Fees and charges
4.1. Customers agree to unconditionally and irrevocably authorize VIB to automatically debit the service charge on any customers’ accounts at VIB to pay fees for this service.

4.2. Fees and charges for the service are informed periodically at VIB’s branches or on VIB’s website.
Article 5: Limits
Unless customer has made any subsequent agreements with VIB for an increased or decreased limit, all transactions conducted through VIB Internet Banking are subject to:

- Daily transaction limit: The maximum daily cumulative amount for all transactions initiated through VIB Internet Banking, excluding Transfer between VIB accounts, Pay my loan, Pay off my credit card. The daily limit applies for VIB Internet Banking account with one username and one password.

- Transfer limit via card: The maximum amount for each transfer from customer’s account to another bank’s account using card number.

- Customer who has made subsequent agreements with VIB for an increased or decreased limit have to follow other rules of fees and charges according to Article 4.

- To the extent permitted by Laws, VIB may change or impose litmits on the amount of funds that will be available through VIB Internet Banking over any specified period of time. If VIB exercises this right, VIB will have customer notice via branch or VIB’s website.
Article 6. Changes on terms and conditions
6.1. VIB has the full rights to automatically change, supplement or reduce the articles in the Terms of Service at any time by sending notification on changes (in writing, email or SMS) to customers (to the addresses registered by customers), or in the bank’s transactions /branches, or displayed on VIB’s website, or send messages through the service system. Customers have the rights to use the service with the same terms until a new notice is issued by VIB.
Article 7. Commitment to implementation and dispute settlement
The two sides pledge to strictly follow the articles in this Terms of Service and the attached amendments and annexes (if any). Any disputes arising in connection with the implementation, which cannot be amicably resolved by customers and VIB, shall be finally settled by the competent courts of Vietnam.
Article 8. Definitions
Definitions in the Terms of Service are interpreted as follows,

1. Internet Banking is an online banking service provided by Vietnam International Bank VIB which helps clients to perform banking transactions through Internet.

2. A one-time password (OTP) is a password which is valid for only one login session or transaction at a certain time.

3. Virus is a malicious code that replicates itself for a third party’s plot.

4. Worm is a computer program that multiplies itself and uses a computer network to spread itself to attack the data of the network, reduce the bandwidth or even stop the traffic of the infected network.

5. Trojan ( or a Trojan horse) is a malicious code which performs typical virus activities. Trojan horses harm their host computer systems and make ways for other malicious viruses to infect the network.