VIB Mobile app Terms and Conditions
1. Introducing the VIB Mobile app
VIB Mobile Banking app-MyVIB is a secure mobile banking application for all customers, though you are already a customer banking online with us or a new customer. The application is available for compatible iPhone with iOS 6.0+ and Android smart phones with OS 2.3+ and Windows Phone with OS 8.0+ and Apple Watch (User has already paired the watch to iPhone with iOS 8.2+)

With the VIB mobile app, you can check your account balance, transaction history and transfer money between your VIB accounts. You can also pay your bills and make payment to others using their account number if they have a compatible VIB account or using their local debit card number issued by connected banks. You can find the list of connected banks here.

The VIB Mobile app also allows you to top up your mobile phone and others’ mobile phone. You can access foreign exchange rates and interest rates of deposit and lending. You can also apply for new VIB services and products and chat to VIB live for help.

The VIB Mobile app currently only works on compatible on iPhone device running iOS 6.0 and above and Android device running Android 2.3 and above and Windows Phone device running Windows Phone 8.0 and above. We may change the version of the operating system the VIB Mobile app works at any time. You will be notified of the changes via electronic messages or on our public website. You can only use one VIB Mobile app account on one device. If you use functionality in the app which accesses information on your device to work (for example upload content), you consent to the app accessing your device and information. These VIB Mobile app Terms and Conditions govern your use of the VIB Mobile app, together with the Terms and Conditions of your accounts used in connection with the VIB Mobile app and the Online Banking Terms and Conditions.
2. Payment Limits
a. For transferring money between your own VIB accounts and topping up your mobile phone, payment limits will not apply.

b. For other payments using the VIB Mobile app, your existing Online banking daily limits apply.
3. Protecting against unauthorised transactions
3.1 VIB Mobile app access PIN

a. When you first activate the VIB Mobile app, you have the option to set up a VIB Mobile app access PIN. You can then use the 4-digit PIN for accessing the app next times. You can change this PIN after logging into the VIB Mobile app.

3.2 How to protect your VIB Mobile app access PIN

a. You should always:

i. memorise the PIN as soon as possible - if you record it, disguise it so others can't decipher it;

ii. if you nominate a PIN, use a number that is not obvious or can't be easily guessed (e.g. don't use date of birth or driver's licence number); and

iii. Take precautions when using the VIB Mobile app (e.g. don’t let anyone watch you enter your PIN).

iv. Change PIN regularly. If you suspect your PIN has been revealed or

b. You must never:

i. tell or let anyone find out your PIN - not even family or friends;

ii. record a PIN on your device or computer;

iii. Keep a record of the PIN with your device (mobile phone or computer)

3.3 Using One Time Password (OTP)

a. We apply the existing Online banking One-time-password rules to financial transactions on the VIB Mobile app.

b. OTP is applied for all financial transactions, including the transfers between your accounts, the payments to someone new, to a new biller or top up new mobile phone that are added in your address book

c. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time. We will notify you on changes via electronic notice (email or SMS) or in writing or at VIB’s branches/transactional offices or notice on our public website. We may require your acceptance to continue using VIB Online banking and VIB Mobile app.

3.4 Other things you must do

a. Lock your iPhone or Android or Windows Phone device and take any reasonable steps to stop unauthorised use of the VIB Mobile app

b. Notify us immediately if your iPhone or Android or Windows Phone device is lost or stolen or you suspect your VIB Mobile app access PIN have become known to someone else.

c. Only install approved applications on your iPhone or Android or Windows Phone device and never override the software lockdown (i.e. jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android device or interop unlock your Windows Phone). If we allow you to upload images or other content to the app, you must not upload or store inappropriate or illegal images or content.

3.5 Other things you must never do

Don't ever:

a. Leave your iPhone or Android or Windows Phone device unattended.

b. Use the VIB Mobile app with a device other than a compatible iPhone or Android or Windows Phone device.
4. Other things you should know
4.1 Using the VIB Mobile app on more than one device

a. You can only install and register on the VIB Mobile app one iPhone or Android or Windows Phone devices with one VIB Online Banking ID.

b. If you use the app on another iPhone or Android or Windows Phone device at the same time, the VIB Mobile app will be immediately terminated on the other device and record the new device as the one you use. For security reasons, we highly recommend you use the VIB Mobile app on one device only. If your device is lost or stolen, notify us immediately.

c. For security reasons, logging on to the VIB Mobile app concurrently with VIB Internet Banking or Mobile Banking will terminate the session of the device that was last logged on.

4.2 Check the details you enter carefully

a. Please take care to enter the correct recipient or payee details or your payment may be unsuccessful and/or you may not be able to recover a payment made to an incorrect recipient. We do not check that the details you provide are correct.

b. You cannot delete or cancel a VIB app payment once it has been made.

4.3 Amount fund held applied for the money transfer and money claim process by payment code

For the money transfer and money claim process by payment code on Internet Banking/MyVIB: Amount and fee (if any) will be held in your current account balance within 07 days. After this period, if recipient does not claim money, the total amount will be automatically unheld and the transaction will be expired.

4.4 Fees

a. Any fees and charges that apply to your VIB accounts accessible via the VIB Mobile app will continue to apply to transactions made using the VIB Mobile app.

b. You may incur charges from your mobile service provider for downloading and using the VIB Mobile app.

c. Other fees and charges relating to VIB Online banking apply to the VIB Mobile app.

d. VIB reserve the right to change the fees related to VIB Mobile app. However, we will ensure that any changes will be notified to you by notice on public website or notice at our branches/transactional offices or through electronic messages (e.g email, SMS). The change will be applied immediately after we’ve given notice. If you does not wish to accept the new fees, you should not continue to use the app. If you continues to use the app after the date on which the change come into effect, your use of the app will be confirmation of your agreement to be bound by the new fees.

4.5 Using your data

You explicitly authorise VIB to use any data relating to your usage of the device and/or transactions for any purpose not limited to improvements to the application, and internal and external marketing. Your use of the app constitutes agreement to these conditions.

If you grant the VIB Mobile app permission to use your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device’s location information, we will log this location information for security purposes and to enable other VIB Mobile app functionality where location information is required (e.g. nearest ATM).

4.6 Suspension or termination

We may suspend or terminate your use of the VIB Mobile app without notice at any time, e.g. if we suspect unauthorised transactions have occurred or that the VIB Mobile app is being misused. You will be notified the reasons of suspension or termination by electronic messages (e.g email, SMS)

4.7 Disclosures

You agree that we may disclose your details to the recipient of the funds to aid them in identifying the transaction and on other circumstances when required in order to meet legal, regulatory, audit or security.

4.8 Changes to these Terms and Conditions

We may change these VIB Mobile app Terms and Conditions at any time. We will notify you of any material changes by electronic notice to you via your device or the App Store if you are using an iPhone, Google Play Store if you are using an Android device, Windows Phone Store if you are using an Windows Phone device. We may require you to confirm your acceptance of changes to continue using the VIB Mobile app.
5. Meaning of words
5.1 "Compatible bank account" or "your account" means a transactional and not restricted ’s VIB bank account.

5.2 "compatible iPhone or Android or Windows Phone devices" or "devices" means iPhones that meet the requirements listed in the Apple App Store, Android devices that meet the requirements listed on Google Play, Windows Phone devices that meet the requirements listed on Windows Phone Store.

5.3 "recipient" means the person who receive money sent from VIB’s account holder.

5.4 “One-time-password” means a password that can be used one time only.

5.5 "the VIB Mobile app" means the VIB Mobile app service described in section 1.

5.6 "we", "us", "our", or "VIB" means Vietnam International joint stock bank

5.7 "you" or "your" means the person downloading the VIB Mobile app.