Frequence Asks and Answers


1. What is VIB Internet Banking?
This is an online banking service which is developed and provided by VIB. It allows customers to do banking transactions with the Bank through internet.
2. What benefits will I get when using VIB Internet banking?
Customer can:
  • Do banking transaction 24/7 anywhere
  • Manage their finance easily 
  • Be secured with the world’s most advanced security technologies.
3. What conditions should enterprises have in order to use VIB Internet Banking?
Enterprises can use VIB Internet banking when they:
  1. Have/open an account(s) at VIB.
  2. Register to use VIB Internet Banking and get approval from VIB.
4. What do I prepare to use VIB Internet banking?
To use VIB internet banking, enterprises need:
  1. An internet-connected PC.
  2. Internet browser.
  3. Security device(s) in the case of using financial package.
5. Can I use VIB Internet banking when I go abroad?
You can use the internet banking service of VIB anywhere. If you travel abroad frequently and perform financial transactions, you can choose the security device, Token key, for more convenience.
6. What should I do when I have trouble with VIB Internet banking?
  1. Please kindly call VIB’s 24/7 Customer Service at (+844) 62585858 to get support.
  2. Or directly contact tellers at the nearest VIB branch/ transaction office.
7. Does VIB Internet banking limit each enterprise’s users ?
The new Internet banking does not limit the number of users. However, one transaction can be completed by maximum 5 users (1 inputter, 1 checker, 3 approvers).
8. Do I need to install any software to start using VIB Internet banking?

You do not need to install any additional software. What you need to have is an internet-connected computer. Besides, the Internet banking can be used on Ipad or tablet with almost all web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc).
Register Internet Banking

9. Where can I register for VIB internet banking? What is the procedure?
You can register the service at any VIB branch/ transaction office. If you register for inquiry package, you only need to fill in the Internet banking registration form. If you register for financial package, you need both an internet banking registration form and a service contract with VIB.
10. After registration, what do I need to do to start using VIB Internet banking? 

After you complete the registration, a password will be automatically sent to the email address you have provided. You use your registered username and password issued to start using the online banking services of VIB. When you first log on, please change the password.
Log on to the Internet banking

11. How to log on the VIB Internet Banking?
  1. You can get access to VIB Internet banking through website or directly access the link
  2. Key in your username, password and click on “Logon” button.
12. I registered for VIB Internet banking but have not received any email for password?
Please kindly check the inbox or spam section in your email for messages sent by VIB. In case no such message is found, please kindly call our 24/7 Customer Service at (+84 -4)62585858 or contact a nearest VIB branch/transaction office for assistance.
13. What should I do when I forget my username or password?
Please kindly call our 24/7 customer service at (+84 4) 62585858 or visit a nearest VIB branch/ transaction office for assistance.
14. What should I do in the first logon?
Customers are required to change their password in the first logon. For the safety of customers, the Bank recommends you should not use your personal information (date of birth, ID number, car number plates ...) to set a password.
15. Can I change my username?
Please kindly contact VIB branch/transaction office in which you register the service for support.
16. Does the bank stop my Internet banking service if I provide wrong username/password?
To ensure customer safety, your account will be temporarily locked when you login the password incorrectly for 5 consecutive times. In this case, please kindly contact our 24/7 customer service or VIB branch/transaction office for assistance. .
17. How is the character in the Internet banking password ?
The password requires minimum 08 characters (Password is case-sensitive, allowing for special characters). No space between the characters is allowed.
18. I cannot log on to VIB Internet banking despite providing correct username and password ?
Please kindly check Caps Lock button.
If the problem persists, please call our 24/7 Customer Service at (+84 4)62585858 for support.
19. Can I use the transaction templates saved in VIB4U ?
In the new Internet banking, you cannot use previous transaction templates. However, you can create, update “Account list” for further use.


20. How does the bank ensure my safety when I use VIB Internet banking ?
The VIB Internet banking is based on 256-bit SSL encryption, digital certificates, double authentication, and automatic logout to ensure safety for your online activities. We commit absolute safety for your banking activities with VIB Internet banking.
21. What is One-time-password (OTP) ?
OTP is one-time-password provided by VIB to customers each time you make financial transactions. This password will be valid within 3 minutes and for a single transaction.
22. How do I get OTP ? 
You get OTP by pressing the button on your token key provided by VIB.
23. What should I do when I lost or damaged the token key ?
When the token key is lost/damaged, please kindly contact the branch/ transaction office where you register for VIB Internet banking service to get a new one. Please kindly note: the token key is valid for 5 years since you registered; after 5 years, VIB will provide you a new one for free.

Service fee

24. What kind of fees does the bank charge for using Internet banking ?
When using Internet banking services, customers are responsible for paying the fees prescribed by VIB in each period. For detailed information on applicable service fees, please kindly visit the website of VIB or contact VIB’s 24/7 Customer Service.
Account information

25. How long can my account statements be saved on VIB Internet Banking ? 
You can view your account statements within the 3 most recent months.
26. Can corporations view account statements of their subsidiaries?
It is possible with the function cif link. Please kindly contact the branch/ transaction office where you registered for the Internet banking service for additional service registration.
Money transfer

27. Can I make money transfer without limitation ?
You can set limit or no limit for transaction.
28. Can money transfer made in real time ?
It depends on scope of the transfer:
  • If the transfer is made within VIB, the transaction will be processed immediately.
  • If the transfer is made to other banks:
    • If the transfer order is completed before 3:00pm, the transaction will be processed within the day (except Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays).
    • Otherwise, transactions will be processed in the next business day.

Bill payment

29. What kind of bills can I pay with VIB Internet Banking ?
You can pay electricity, tax, phone, mobile phone bills with VIB internet banking. Other bills will be expanded soon.
30. I cannot pay bill on VIB Internet Banking ?
The reasons might be:
  1. Your service provider is not in the partner list of VIB.
  2. You might input wrong customer ID on the bill.
31. Can my bill payment transaction be processed immediately ? 
Your payment takes effect immediately when you successfully complete the transaction.

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